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Koni Needles
Advanced Bowen Practitioner & Massage Therapist
THANK YOU for visiting my website. My name is
Koni Needles, and I have been in practice since 1998 in the Butte County area. I am a registered Bowen Therapist with the International Bowtech Corporation. I am also a Massage Therapist (Swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, and reflexology), Reiki Master, and Clairvoyant. You can also find me on Facebook.
My passion is in assisting the mind, body and spirit to reconnect to facilitate healing from within. My dedication to client care is my main priority; helping clients get results and truly experience their own body’s innate ability to heal.
Holistic healing promotes physical health as well as emotional and spiritual health. Finely tuned therapy skills are essential in my whole body approach to client care, and I stay current and up-to-date on
the latest techniques and information in the therapies I practice.
My goal is to provide clients with information and tools so they can take action and implement positive changes in their own lives, and especially to help them understand the importance of being active and responsible for their own health.
I schedule by appointment only, so please call ahead to (530) 990-4982 or email me at kneedles@csuchico.edu to schedule an appointment.
I look forward to working with you on many levels!

  • Certified and Registered Bowen Therapist: International Bowtech Corporation
  • Certified Massage Therapist: Registered with the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)
  • Completion of one-year training program for Psychic Training: Karma Boutique
  • Completion of Reiki Master/Teacher Level: KMA
More about the Therapies I Practice:
Bowen Therapy promotes self-healing and is a bodywork treatment that sends a signal to the brain through gentle, rolling movements upon the client's skin or through light clothing. This "signal" tells the body to reset and de-flame painful joints, tendons, nerves and muscles thereby addressing the origin of the "disorganized" tissue and helping the body to rebalance and heal itself. Bowenwork is non-invasive, powerful, and magical!
Massage Therapy offers relaxation and self-healing and is a bodywork modality using touch and tissue manipulation, including but not limited to Swedish, relaxation massage, deep-tissue massage, lymphatic massage and reflexology.  Manipulation of muscles and connective tissue enhances optimal functioning of those tissues and promotes relaxation physically and psychologically, improved circulation, relief of sore muscles and general well-being. I have completed massage and bodywork training under many different licensed and certified facilitators, and am a member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals group.
Essential Oils Healing combines the science of aromatherapy and essential oils in bringing back the ancient knowledge of the elements that were given to us at the time of the Creation for the healing, sustaining and protection of mankind. Ancient records indicate that natural elements were mankind's first medicine. Essential oils were, and are currently, used to promote youthfulness, relaxation, beauty, protection and healing from disease and plagues. Science continues to validate the many powerful uses of essential oils, including their immune-supporting properties.
Pure essential oils are known for their high oxygenating molecules and ability to deliver nutrients to the cell nucleus for maximum assimilation. To ensure the finest quality I use and am a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living is known for their growing from seed, harvesting, distilling, formulating, packaging and marketing all their own products with essential oils, as well as educating people about their use and application.
Young Living's ongoing university research is validating the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy. Young Living's mission is to share this life-changing information with those who are looking for the truth and knowledge that may bring healing in many different ways as well as freedom from the captivity of poor health and emotional distress.
My Personal Bowen Healing Story: After chiropractic treatment for neck pain and migraines for many, many years with very little success, I finally got an MRI in the year 2000 to see what was going on specifically in my neck. The MRI of my neck showed that I had a herniated cervical disc with a bone spur pressing into my spinal cord. I was high risk for further injury to my spinal cord, possibly even paralysis, if I didn’t have a surgery to ‘fix’ it, per my neurologist’s diagnosis. I couldn’t imagine surgery, especially after reading about the possible negative outcomes, so I decided to look for an alternative, holistic option. This is when I found Bowen Therapy. I have a wonderful friend who pointed me in the direction of a Bowen Therapist in Sacramento, so I checked out his website and also read and studied as much as I could about the technique, as well as researching other holistic options. I decided to try a few sessions of Bowen, especially since the cost of three Bowen sessions was nothing compared to what my co-pay was going to be for a major surgery. Bowen was described as a non-invasive treatment that could be done through clothing, and the technique was said to be light and gentle…  so I couldn't imagine what I had to lose. At the time, Sacramento was the nearest city that housed a Bowen Therapist, so I did the two-hour round trip for each session. All I could say after I had completed my sessions was, "It is definitely a miracle!"  My migraines were completely gone, the feeling I had of ‘going over backwards’ from the pressure on my spinal cord in the neck was totally gone, and I was feeling better overall than I had felt in years! At my third session I asked my practitioner how I could learn this technique so that I could help others, and lo and behold, he was an instructor of Bowen as well! Imagine that! About six months later I asked for another MRI just to prove to myself that what I suspected had happened, had really happened. And yes, it had! My own body had dissolved and absorbed the bone spur, my disc had re-hydrated itself, and I was in great shape. Because my neck is a weakness for me energetically (my own life path issues I’m working through), I still get ‘tune-ups’ every now and then. But the greatest gift that came to me from my neck injury was to learn about the Bowen Technique and to have the opportunity to become a Bowen Practitioner myself.
What is the Bowen Technique?
The Bowen Therapy Technique was developed in Australia by the late Mr. Tom Bowen.
Bowen is a unique form of neuromuscular re-patterning. It works primarily through the nervous system on both structural and energetic levels. The technique is gentle and non-invasive, and can be performed through loose clothing.
The Bowen Therapy Technique is a fairly new concept in bodywork in America, although it is widely known and accepted in many other countries. It is neither derived from nor similar to any other physical modalities.
  • Misalignments commonly right themselves - yet there is no manipulation of the joints or bones.
  • Muscle tensions and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow is restored - yet muscles are not squeezed.
  • Meridians show immediate improvements - yet the work is not based on meridians.
  • Fascia re-hydrates, adhesions release and scar tissue softens - yet there is no heavy pressure.
  • Internal psychological shifts are common - yet it is not necessary to evoke emotional response as in mind-body therapies.
  • Nearly every client reports a pleasant, relaxed state, and a deep sense of well being and ease.
Bowen Therapy is completely safe and appropriate for everyone from the highly trained athlete to newborns, pregnant women, elderly, and the chronically ill. Bowen has been successful in treating musculoskeletal problems such as back and neck pain, scoliosis, sporting injuries, TMJ, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also renowned for its effectiveness with internal conditions such as migraines, digestive and elimination complaints, colic in babies and respiratory problems including asthma. A Bowen treatment consists of gentle, rolling movements. These stimulations activate a systematic response so powerful that a few minutes’ pause is observed to allow them to be integrated. A pattern of movements and pauses continues throughout the treatment. The rhythm is soothing, and some patients fall asleep during the session. This dynamic therapy stimulates the body to let go of pain cycles (Ischemia) caused by traumas, stresses and diseases. As these pain cycles are released the healing abilities of the body are awakened, bringing pain relief and peace of mind. Benefits are usually apparent within 3 to 5 sessions, even when long-standing conditions are being treated. Bowen results are lasting and profound.
Treat yourself with loving kindness…
Re-balance, realign, and re-attune!
And live life to the fullest!
Comments & Testimonials...
Hi Koni...

I wanted to share with you how good my mom has been feeling.  She said that her feet aren't hurting her anymore, just one toe with arthritis but the corns have nearly disappeared and she can move her toes.  She told me that she's been singing your praises to everyone that will listen.  Thank you for taking such good care of her. And I have never seen the bottom of her feet without those horrible patches of dead skin and now they are all but gone.

I was telling Michell (my sister in law) about how my mom is doing and she really wants to try the bowen.  You mentioned that there are therapists in the bay area.  Do you have one that you might recommend?

Thanks again for helping my mom...
Lots of love..
Susie (Oroville, CA)
I went through a total metemorphosis last night.  From headaches, to sweating, to chills, to teeth chattering to exhaustion... Phew - But I woke up with a new head on my shoulders and was able to complete my writing -  I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but I'm soooo much better than I've been for several weeks  :)
Thanks, Tracy (Chico, CA)

I can't thank you enough for the awesome balancing, etc. that you gave me.... It was so amazing and what I realized was that this type of session works so much better for me... It seems like it continues on for days after... I feel so much more positive in my mind and it really helped me be able to balance myself at a deeper level.  It helped me realize that I need to really connect at the deepest level possible with Spirit so that my path will be clearer for me and a so I will be a  more effective helper of Spirit when called on to assist others.....

Have a really great day and thank you again...
Nancy (Chico, CA)
I love your webpage! You are an amazing person and have touched so many lives in a positive manner.
William (Fredericksburg, VA)
You are amazing ladies that have been blessings to those you are in contact with. We are all blessed and need to realize that God has things in control.
Jim (Chico, CA)
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